SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT COACHING – COURSE 1: 1 And Group Teaching With A Coach (8 classes per month)

• Course for self-learning 6 month, duration/monthly learning.
• How to manage and marketing social media business pages?
• Facebook business page
• LinkedIn business page
• Instagram business page
• YouTube Channel
• Twitter Account

Creating a Strategy for Online Presence

Building website or existing website integrates with social media business pages:
• LinkedIn
• Facebook
• Instagram
• Twitter
• YouTube
Getting traffic from social media pages to your website which is very important to get leads and clients.
Google Analytics is one of the most popular digital analytics software. 
It is Google’s free web analytics service that allows you to analyze in-depth detail about the visitors on your website.


• Productive Internet marketing for advertising on the Internet: FaceBook Ads, Landing Page, CRM.

Google Search Console is important tool for SEO.
• SEO Optimization - Complex strategies place your site as best as possible on Google.
This is a set of strategies that can be communicated to a large number of potential clients in a short time. Internet marketing is a form of direct marketing.
Direct marketing is a way to reach out to target groups using large database of matched data. When it says the Internet, first of all, over 90% of users think - Facebook or Google. It is through these systems that it is best to advertise services or products, because each money invested is multiplied.
Achieve maximum business height by advertising on the Internet, Google AdWords, FaceBook Ads, Landing Page, CRM.

Manage Your Social Media Pages

Manage Social Media Business pages:
• Open a new Facebook page or LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter page, YouTube,
• Managing existing page,
• Upload photos,
• Upload contents(which you provide),
• Upload videos,
• SEO of Facebook page, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube Channel..
• 4 posts per week.

Creating Social Media Marketing Strategy

• LinkedIn Business Page
• Facebook Business Page
• Instagram Business Page
• Twitter Business Account
• YouTube Channel

Digital Marketing Software – Ontraport

All your tools. All your data. All in one software.
Create and launch your automated marketing campaigns and all your promotional pieces - from emails to pages to pop-up forms - right inside of Ontraport so it's all seamlessly connected.
• Email marketing
• Campaign Builder
• Landing Pages
• Campaign Automation
• Email + Deliverability
• Email + SMS Messaging
• Tracking + Attribution
• Facebook Custom Audiences
• Membership Sites
• Marketing Automation
• Marketing Analytics
• Referral Programs
• Process Automation
• Sales Force Automation
• Ecommerce


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