Author: Carmen Ring

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Creating a Product
from Your Coaching Services

Step 1 – Choose Your Format

Eventually you’ll have all of them and you can always change the way you deliver or charge for them. This is a guide to get you started. Keep it simple and you can improve and develop it later.

Step 2 – Name it
Using numbers in your title is a great idea because it tells people exactly what to expect and how to measure their journey.
Guides and How to titles are also very attractive because they are practical. Keep in mind you want to solve a clear problem they have.

The 5 steps to attracting the love of your life
The 7 Rules of Social Media Success
How to lose 20 pounds in 20 days
The Ultimate Guide to Closing Sales

Step 3 – Creating Content
The best content you can give are examples and exercises.
Are you teaching parenting? Include examples of games or routines they can implement with their kids and as exercise challenge them to stick to a new routine for a week/month/3months.
Are you a financial coach? Ask them to write down every day what they spent money on and what percentage of that money will bring a good ROI.

People learn best by doing. To see a change in their lives THEY HAVE TO DO THE WORK, NOT YOU.

Very important!
Include an accountability tool! A 30-day calendar they can check, a Facebook group where they have to post every day/week, a 60-90 day workbook etc.

Accountability is key in making progress. This is how they can measure their results and see the change, or see where they are failing.

Step 4 – Call to action
This is where a lot of entrepreneurs stop. They deliver and they don’t make a further offer. I have to say – this is so selfish!

If the person watched you/worked with you until now it’s because they see the value and chances are they want more of you. You managed to get to their head & heart and it’s not fair to let them down now. Give them a way to continue their journey!


You can now offer a group program, a monthly subscription, private coaching or anything else you see fit.

If you liked my Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Creating a Product from Your Coaching Services go on and book a call with me. I can help you create and finalize these products in more than one language and then place them on the market.

Make your services available worldwide! Let people have access to your knowledge regardless of where they live or what language they speak. And get the monetary benefits that come in exchange of your generosity!

Thank you for downloading this guide.
I hope it was helpful and you will use it well to expand your business!
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