This is a b4 Life Values to Live By

By Mykim Tran, PhD

Be Yourself
Being yourself is one of the greatest accomplishments you can ever achieve because someone or something is trying to change you everywhere you turn. You have personal power when you do not allow external factors to influence you to become someone else.
Being yourself allows you to behave naturally. What you do and say will become effortless. You will have more energy and time to do things that make you feel good.
You will enjoy using your strengths and talents because they are a part of you. You become more creative because you are more likely to follow your intuition when you are yourself. Creativity and success usually come from your intuition.
Being yourself does not mean you have to make the right decisions always but believing that you are still a terrific person despite your mistakes and knowing that you can continue to learn and make better decisions in the future.
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Doing Your Own Things
You must be comfortable doing your own things alone, as others will not always agree or support you. You are unlikely to achieve anything if you always rely on others to help you. You must be strong alone to believe in yourself. As a human being, you can overcome and achieve anything. Yes, it might take you a longer time when you are on your own compared to when others are helping you, but you can still become successful.
Doing your own things can also help increase your creativity. Sometimes when you are around many people with different viewpoints, they can get overwhelmed, decreasing productivity to create and innovate. Innovation requires something unique, and it can only come from within you.
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Learn and Grow Daily
No matter how great you are or how perfect a result you have, you must continue learning and growing. It will help you apply your strengths and talents more successfully and to overcome challenges.
Also, as a human being, you are a living thing; this means you either grow or die; you do not stay the same. For example, a tree is a living thing; it either grows or dies, depending on how well you nourish the tree. The more you care for the tree, the stronger it becomes. It is the same with you as a human being. The more you learn and grow, the more you nourish yourself to become better and strong to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals.
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Always Have High Hope and Faith
Whatever your goals and dreams are, always have high hopes and faith that you will get there. It is important to believe in yourself that you can turn your goals and dreams into reality from your effort.
Especially when you start working on fulfilling your goals and dreams, you might not see the results early on. With hope and faith, you will have the motivation to move forward to success. Always believe that if you do the right things for yourself and know that your actions will contribute to a better society, the fruits will manifest for you. Believe in yourself and your hard work, and let the universe take care of your success.
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Bio: Dr. Mykim Tran

Dr. Mykim Tran is a humanistic psychologist, behavioral scientistic, inspirational leader, keynote speaker, and author. She started her career as a speaker in 2010 by motivating and inspiring individuals to feel good about themselves by educating them about body image, health and wellness, and self-confidence. However, she discovered that her strengths are more aligned with mental health during her master's program in Healthy Psychology, which she attained at Walden University in 2013. She believes that when individuals have mental health, they will have the self-esteem to overcome and achieve anything. In 2014, she published her first book, Self-Esteem Building: How to Live Your Life as You. As she continued her education journey into her PhD program in Humanistic Psychology, she realized her passion for personal development and human potential. She achieved her PhD at Saybrook University in 2022. Dr. Tran uncovered that as individuals learn and develop, they will unleash their passion and life purpose, which they can use to create a powerful legacy.
You can learn more about Dr. Mykim Tran @
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