How Sales Can Assist with Personal Transformation

Vanessa Finnigan
- Founder and editor of Holistic Bliss
- Psychologist, energy facilitator and published writer
What are your thoughts about sales? Do images come to mind of the used car salesperson who sold you a lemon, or the snake oil peddler with the magic panacea, and the pushy network marketer that gave you the hustle on all your social media platforms about the latest ‘get rich quick scheme’?

These are extreme examples of sales and advertising; it is not the whole picture. After working in the fields of psychology, publishing, business, AND sales, I have discovered (like it or not) there is a sales component to many things we do.

Many businesspeople would be quite comfortable with this concept, but I have found people in the healing, health and intuitive fields can have quite an aversive reaction to sales. The good news is that which triggers us has the potential (if we choose) to facilitate growth.

Here are some ideas and tools to assist with making sales a great facilitator of change:

1. Write down all the words that you associate with sales. Are they words like: pushy, sleazy, con artist? Would you be prepared to let go of those associations and now create what will truly work for you as you acknowledge your inner salesperson and marketeer? This doesn’t mean you have to go knocking door to door, carrying a suitcase of wares, or create cheesy TV commercials and jingles.

2. What if selling was about connecting, educating, sharing your joy and being a catalyst for change? What if it helped to inspire people and facilitated them to think big and let go of fear?

3. When you are enthusiastic about something, you may just be selling! Remember going for that job you really wanted and being in the interview, outlining what you could bring to the position and the team? It was about having the courage to be you, sharing your skills and gifts, and letting them know why you were the best person for the job. Those are all components of selling!

4. But if you think you must ‘sell yourself’ and that feels like selling your soul to the devil, maybe it’s time to use different words and change your view. What if it was more about sharing your services and products and expressing your uniqueness?

5. And what if more people found out about your unique products and services that could be potentially life-changing? What difference could that bring to the world? Thinking about sales and marketing and allowing your business to grow doesn’t make you money hungry and unethical! So even if the word ‘sales’ makes you short of breath or fly into a rage with the thought of having to see yourself as a salesperson, could it be time to turn it all around? What if sales can be something that works for you, done your own way, and in acknowledging that, creates change in your life and on the planet as well?

- Now give yourself some space to write down your experiences and judgements about sales/ advertising ...

- What are your judgements about putting yourself out there and making sales … and making money?
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