Prevent Burnout - Learn to Receive

Vanessa Finnigan
- Vanessa Finnigan Founder and editor of Holistic Bliss
- Psychologist, energy facilitator and published writer
Think about how you feel when someone at work gives you a compliment…How easy do you receive this?

Do you laugh awkwardly while immediately looking for an ulterior motive the other person may have? How much is that about wearing ‘energetic armouring’ to protect yourself? Unfortunately, being unable to receive, also invalidates the person who gave you the compliment?

But it’s not just about being able to receive compliments! We can have all sorts of other cryptic ways we can keep the ‘armouring’ strapped on. Are you someone who gives and gives and gives? How much room is there in your world for receiving from others? Do you ever really allow yourself to be vulnerable to receive love, kindness, assistance and all sorts of other things from people? If this is you, please remind yourself, that martyrdom doesn’t prove how much you care about people by suffering and being self-sacrificing. Now, you may disagree while retorting, ‘It’s in giving, that you receive’ but have you included yourself in that? How much do you give to yourself?

So here are some ideas of how to open yourself up to receive:

1. Each day find 5 things that you acknowledge and value about yourself. Not just achievements but personal qualities like: kindness, patience, integrity, determination, (qualities that are often not acknowledged in our society). Remember actual examples where you expressed these qualities. If 5 seems like too much, start with one thing a day and then build up from there. Consistency is the key.

2. Keep a journal and start to get in touch with beliefs you have about receiving from other people and situations. Did people let you down in the past? If so, did you develop a belief that people couldn’t really be counted on for support? Do you want to feel superior or in control in some way by never having to receive from anyone?

3. Regular body work or energy work helps to dissolve the ‘armouring’ so you can receive more.

4. Take a few minutes to do some slow diaphragmatic breathing, taking time to breathe out slowly. Ask for the Earth to contribute to you and breathe that energy through every cell in your body.

Receiving is not about taking, being selfish or disregarding other people. What if you could receive from all situations and people without judging? Being able to receive more may also reduce resentments that have been festering for years, reduce stress and burnout and invite more joy, connection, money and fulfilment. And, we can all learn to receive more!

This article was also published on Thrive Global. To find out about Vanessa’s new book go to:
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