Author: Melita Valcich


I meet business owners daily and they all speak about how they either need to start blogging or are wondering if all their efforts are even worth it.

I can tell you now, yes it is worth it. I do need to point out there are many things you need to consider before you put pen to paper or key strokes to screen.

A strategy is a must before you even begin but once you have planned that out, think about the topics of interest. These are the interests of your readers, not yours. I could write about all aspects of marketing for days, but it’s just not that sexy to you.

Watch what others in your field are writing about online and what responses they are getting. It will give you indications of the types of content people love or don’t.

SEO can be such a confusing topic and I don’t pretend to be the expert here, I am however the expert in integrating that into the body of your content. Consider what keywords your potential customers are searching for and use them in your blogs.

We all know hashtags exist, but how can you use them effectively? If you see what’s trending in your field of expertise, you can safely assume those words will be great to use within your blog. Ah, we now have a list of keywords!

If you can weave a newsworthy story into your own blog – do it as it’s already trending on all the media platforms.

It’s not just about the content, your headline is the hook to get people to actually spend the next few minutes reading your content. Make it outstanding!

Images are just as important. The image you use to accompany your blog sets the tone and helps reel them in. Make sure your images are crisp, there are many free stock images on line you can subscribe to. Free images are sent weekly or monthly, if you start collecting these, you’re bound to use it for a blog down the track.

If you just don’t have the time to put it all together or aren’t getting any bites from your blog, Envious Solutions are only a phone call away.

Happy writing!
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