What is the web design?

Web design is the process of collecting ideas and their aesthetic editing and scheduling to achieve a specific goal, which is to create a website. The ultimate users and their easier access to a particular web site is that web design first takes into consideration.Web design implies the use of various skills and disciplines used to plan and build web sites. There are many important elements of good web design, but some are of course more important than others.

5 basic elements of web design

- Element layout - The layout of graphics, content and banners is the basis of web design. The most important thing is to make such a schedule that will allow visitors to find information that interests them quickly and easily.

- Colors - The choice of colors depends on the purpose of the website, as well as the visitors to whom the site is intended. Whether it's a simple black-and-white design or design that includes lots of different colors, the essence is to present the company and its brand in the right way.

- Graphics - Graphics mean various elements, such as logo, images, animations, icons, etc. All these elements serve to improve the site's appearance, but also its functionality. It is therefore important that these elements fit together with other elements of the website, primarily with colors and content.

- Fonts - Another element of web design that can improve the look of your site is the use of different fonts. However, one should consider that most web browsers recognize only certain fonts, so-called. "Secure web fonts". Therefore, web designers generally only work with this group of universally accepted fonts.

- Content - Although the content is not a strict web design element, the way the content fits with other elements can definitely be sub-web design. Content must always be relevant, informative and useful to visitors, but it also has to fit in with other elements in a clear and visually appealing whole. Also, the way the content is set as part of the design, as well as the content itself, is very important for SEO optimization of each site.
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